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How To Write An Essay In A Focused Way Without Time Wasting?

A lot of people get stuck when they have to write an essay, even though it is not as hard as it seems. By simply organizing your ideas, you will get through it without major issues. No matter the purpose of the essay, there is almost always a basic structure: introduction, body, and conclusion. Here are a few easy steps, that if followed, will turn your essay writing job into something rather pleasurable than painful.

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Research The Subject Matter

First things first. You can’t start writing about a topic you don’t know. So, search the internet, go to the library, and get the information you need. Furthermore, you can analyze some well-written and well-structured essays, but use them for your inspiration only. Now that you have the information, you only have to focus on the relevant facts for your essay.

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Make An Outline And Assemble The Essay

Outlines are very helpful in the process of writing. If you want to write a great essay, you have to organize your thoughts. Therefore, outlines are the base of your whole creation. It’s not only about the fact that an outline helps you give your essay a strong structure, but it’s also about the strong associations that your brain produces.

Jane Watson, a professional writer at, shares his opinion on the matter:

“By the time you’re done writing the outline, your essay is half written, and your subconscious mind will continuously “sit on it” until it’s finished. Your outline leads to assembling the information in the final format.”

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The introduction role is obvious: to introduce the reader to the core essence of the essay. Considering this, it has to be short, catchy, and it has to contain a strong statement. In order to catch the reader’s attention, you may develop and present some interesting facts, a few jokes, or maybe some smart questions.


The main ideas from your outline represent the paragraphs from the body of the essay. Every paragraph should basically sustain an argument which will be supported by an example in the last sentences. In the body, of course, you have to sustain what you’ve stated in the introduction.

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The conclusion sums up your general ideas in order to fix them in the reader’s mind. Nevertheless, throughout your conclusion, you have the freedom to deliver advice, suggestions, and other interesting points. Your main goal is to make the reader emotional. This way, your essay will “stick with him/her” for a longer period of time.

Reexamine The Essay

Once you stop writing, you may be thinking that you have finished your essay. Well, think twice! It’s time to do a final check while paying attention to the smallest details.

You cannot present an essay full of misspelled words and grammar issues. Moreover, you’ll have to make sure that the ideas and points from the body of the essay link to the other two parts (introduction and conclusion).

Also, ensure that you started the essay with the strongest points and ended it by rewinding the most important clues. Watch out if you make sense and have a point in everything that you’ve written. Then, proceed!

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I truly believe that if you follow this steps you will no longer have problems when you cross this task ever again. And as an advice, don’t hurry the process and never start doing it when you are running out of time. That, of course, in case you want to spit a phenomenal essay rather than an average one.



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