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Tips To Perform Better In A Job Interview

Do you know that when someone get call for interview they not only get excited but some types of fear also seeps in their mind ( Stress Reducing Tips ), they get lots of questions, if you have also get any type of interview call then this post is for you. For preparation of interview you have to work systematically and strategically and beauty of this process is that it works. To prepare for interview please keep in mind following guidelines.

Don’t lose your self confidence: To win anything, not only in interview but also in life self confidence plays a vital role, never lose your self confidence. Now the question comes in mind how to build self confidence? The key thing to make your self is know about yourself i.e. about your strengths, weaknesses etc. For example say you are interested in Cricket and you know most of the things about it, at that moment you will feel confident if a novice ask you about Cricket then you will be very much self confident about your knowledge/experience. In similar way you can know about the organization , company, college profile etc. Then at least at that moment you will be confident about what type of work you may get etc.

Don’t take unnecessary advice: Don’t just keep taking advice from lots of people just take advice from one or two person, especially who are either Experts or from someone who had experience about the particular role or company etc. Otherwise you will bog down from lots of details of what to do or not in actual and it even increase pressure on your mind.

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Prepare common questions: In most of the interviews which are conducted they have some common questions, so you should prepare these questions religiously some questions are;

Tell me about yourself?

What are your strength and weaknesses?

Why our company?

Why should we select you? etc etc… Also if interview have Aptitude test, then search for particular companies sample test and thoroughly practice it. As we said earlier to get confidence you should know maximum you can. Also you should prepare your RESUME in one page only, because interviewer glances only for 20-30 seconds only.


Practice for mock interview: Before going for actual interview, you should practice mock interview in real time either with expert, senior, cousins etc, like you are giving actual interview. If you will practice this religiously then at actual mock interview you will not get so much fear as you much be expecting during interview. During mock interview also practice for your sounds, tones and also most importantly of your Body-Language. Because your body language are good indicator for interviewer about you, so please don’t ignore this.

Learn From Mistakes: If you are giving interview for the first time and get failed to clear it, don’t get so much depressed about it. Its time to move on and get a perception in mind something new and better is waiting for me. For next interview seeks your fault, weakness remained in last interview and try to get maximum out of it.

Proper Rests : You should rest properly, sleep early take proper sleep, do some deep breathing exercises which well help you to relax mind, don’t panic, remember that if you don’t know something about a questions don’t try to brag them, as they are expert they will easily catch you ,simply and restfully say that “I don’t know “ they don’t want person who knows everything they are checking your traits, personality and work pressure that whether you can handle it. You can handle everything properly, keep faith and have good sleep and proper relax.

Remember most important things to clear an interview is to know more about yourself more you know about your self more chance that you will get successful, speak truthfully, honestly and confidently.

Little exercise about to figure out about yourself

Take a paper and pen write about yourself in 500 words or more, now remove extra points which are not necessary and concise it into 100 words and properly analyze your weakness and strength.

Do share your experience or tips you want to share with us.

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