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The Unknown Study Facts About City of Dublin, Ireland

At the eighth position in the list of World’s Best Student Cities, Dublin deserves praise and well exemplified reasons that makes the city worth spending formative years of your life?

This city admits the long history of Ireland that has given the world their Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, a new romantic charm. Also, Dublin is one of the most haunted by tourists’ places in the world for all the good reasons.

International students that plan to study in Ireland, mostly enroll for higher educational institutions in Dublin, such as Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin. Whoever walks into colleges of Dublin, walks out with experience and fulfilled dreams. Till date, numbers of international students in Ireland’s top city have risen to 11,671. Do you what keeps the city filled with international talent every year?

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There are four universities in Dublin, two of which being Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, each at 65th and 129th in top 200 universities in the world. What amaze the outside world is the mixture of various nations, nationalities, customs, and traditions into one celebrating life. This has helped Dublin built relationship with the rest of the world.

Dublin maintains very high standards in its higher education. From top to bottom in the hierarchy of knowledge, experience and education, Dublin Universities make sure that they offer high quality along with amiable, welcoming, and youthful environment. The batches are comparatively smaller and people get around well. Adding to that, a rich cultural life, and public museums and galleries are free here.

While comparing the student cities, Dublin tops in the quality of living, affordable cost of education, and the embracing city life. Considering all these facts and figures, the living expenses are a bit on the higher side since Dublin is one of the highest ranked cities in the world depicting that the quality of life offered here comes with a price.

Dublin is known by many other names as well, such as “the emerging internet capital of Europe’ and ‘Dublin’s Silicon Dock’. Do you know why? In the recent years, multinational companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Zynga have taken interest in exploring talent at Universities of Dublin. These companies have now set up their offices in Dublin around each other.

With these employers in the city, the employ-ability has risen to the maximum. You might as well must know that the students graduating/post-graduating from Dublin’s top ranking universities fair pretty much well than others. If employment is what you have been looking for, then maybe you should consider Dublin as a choice.

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Dublin is also a dream-come-true city for budding entrepreneurs since here there are lot of finance and investment opportunities available. For those having ideas and searching for the first opportunity can contact the startup accelerator programs such as Propeller, Startup bootcamp, Create, Launchpad and Hothouse that offer 3 month training, mentoring and advice on funding.

Thus, it isn’t hard to figure out why those who choose Ireland, come to Dublin only!

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