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Do You Know The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Travelling Alone?

Travelling alone is a special experience, to which you must prepare at the planning stage of travel.

Who can’t travel alone?

  • Extraverts should immediately forget about traveling alone. The best option might be a weekend trip to the next town. Otherwise, there is a risk that in a few days, at the other end of the Earth, the neighbors in the hotel will strangely disappear after seeing you from afar. Sociable, active, meditating extraverts should have so many friends and acquaintances that there will certainly be those who make up their company. In addition, this will be the best solution.
  • If you have never planned a trip yourself, always trusted your fellow travelers or the tour agent with all the plans and decisions, and the agency is now your best friend-then before the trip you have to answer one important question. Will you be able to take responsibility for yourself for the first time in the forthcoming trip? You will have to cope with the problems, do not get lost on excursions and independently clarify everything everywhere. If such a holiday, when it will be necessary to solve everything alone, does not suit you – then you should not take such a risk.

Places where it is not recommended to travel alone:

  • Women should avoid Muslim countries with strong traditions. If you are not ready to put on a veil andnot to look out for a week, or even two, then it’s better to stay at home.
  • India and Pakistan are also considered unsafe countries for single women.
  • In Latin America, both men and women should be more careful in countries such as Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil.

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Minuses of travelling alone:

  1. The cost of rest always decreases with the increase in the number of people. That is, a double-bed room is always cheaper than a single room, excursions can be bought cheaper, if the group is large, and so on. Therefore, you have to rely only on yourself and pay more.
  2. Communication, communication and again communication. Even if it seems to you that you are tired of everyday bustle and in general, you want to spend at least a week alone, then if you have not tried it yet, the chances that in a couple of days you will want to talk with someone are great. However, sociable people will easily find the interlocutor anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, this problem will be serious for the shy people.
  3. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are likely to be spent alone.
  4. There will be no one to consult and no one to ask.
  5. All the bright emotions you will have to experience in yourself and share them only with fellow travelers.
  6. A hundred times you will have to answer the questions: why are you alone and why do not you have any friends at all?

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Pluses of travelling alone:

  1. From the very beginning, when you are still sitting at your desk in the office and surreptitiously browsing for flights or tours, you do not have to write your friends in efforts to find out whether the dates / airlines / flights and stuff are suitable for them.
  2. The budget you evaluate only on the basis ofyour own capabilities.
  3. You can rebook the hotel at least a thousand times and settle in the most expensive / cheap / strange and no one will ask you – “why”?
  4. The route plan can be invented only by you! You can sleep all day long, making your own plans. And what? Nobody will make a claim about a uselessly spent day.
  5. If something on the trip did not work out as desired – no one will know about it.

Written By : Melisa Marzett

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