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5 Best Home Remedied To Remove Itching On The Skin In Winter

It is very normal to have itching in the head in winter, it is due to dryness. But the reason for itching in many people is due to lack of cleanliness, dandruff or infection. Apart from the head, due to dryness in the winter, itching can occur on the hands, feet, head, neck or any part of the body. It gets relief for some time on the scalp but it starts getting itching again and more scarring increases the chance of injury or infection on the organ. But if the itching happens on many parts of the body, it becomes difficult to fix it. But you are not worried because today we have brought you easy tips for which you can easily remove your itching with help.


Lemon is the best home remedy for itching. And the best thing is to get it easily in your home and this home remedi is being used for years. Yes, there are acidic and citric acid in lemon which is antiseptic and anti-eretating in nature, which helps in itching treatment. This Home Remedy has been used for a long time. Squeeze lemon juice into water and apply it to the itching place. You may feel slight irritation. Or mix two teaspoons of basil leaves and two teaspoon lemon juice together with the help of cotton in the itching place.


Bitter neem is considered sweet for skin. Yes, neem is very good for your skin. Neem leaves have antiseptic and anti-biotic properties that help in spreading itching. Boil neem leaves in water and then bathe on its lukewarm or cooling. Grind the neem leaves or mix it in yogurt and place it in the itching place.

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Marigold Leaves

Antibacterial, anti-viral and antifungal properties are found in the leaves of the marigold plant. Which removes the problem of your itching. For this you boil some of the leaves of the water and boil it. Put the water in the itching place and clean it. If you do this for 7 consecutive days your itching will end with root. The plant of the mug will be easily available to you.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has antifangal and antibacterial properties that help you to remove skin infections. Aloe vera also contains vitamin E, which provides moisture in the skin, which provides comfort in itching. Yes, this is the best and easy way to remove itching. For its use, apply aloe vera gel to the itchy part and let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash it with warm hot water.

Mustard Oil

Dryness occurs in the skin due to the common cause of itching in winter, and there is no better solution than mustard oil to remove dryness. In our time, our elderly people used mustard oil in their body before bathing. So that the dryness of their body is removed. You can do the same. Yes, the mustard oil gets into the skin and gives it nutrition and moisture, which helps in getting rid of the itching.

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Apart from this, you can mix aloe vera gels and coconut oil in equal quantity and prepare a paste and apply it on itchy skin. If you persevere in these winters in the winter, then definitely follow these tips.

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