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Intaglio Solutions – The Most Renowed Institute For Professional IT Courses

Intaglio Solutions is the leading global talent development training institute, building skilled and qualified manpower for global industry requirements. We established our training institute from last 14 years in Delhi, to help the IT Industries to resolve their problem of human resource challenges and has grown today as leading development institute offering leading solutions to individual and enterprise. We provide the high end latest technology training in Hardware, Networking, Software, and Data Analytics and IT Security industry.

Intaglio Solutions helps organizations identify, customize and implement technology training solutions for modern IT networking environment, building high skilled manpower. Our training platform comprises the following professional course like this:

SAS Training in Delhi –Leading Course in Data Analytics and Management, Business Management

CISCO Training in Delhi – Foundation of Networking and Administering CISCO Devices

CCNA Training in Delhi – Establishing the knowledge of Network Engineers and Administrator

SAS Training Course

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis Software. SAS is a leader in Data Analytics, Data Management or Business Management. SAS implements an extensive programming approach to data transformation and analytics rather than drag and drop or connect approach. SAS is platform independent means you can learn SAS Training on any operating System. SAS training empowers the candidate with much finer control over data manipulation and that makes you stand out from the crowd. SAS Course in Delhi is quite useful for those who like to become a Data Analyst or Data Scientist. It has solution for various business domains like Data Governance, Data Quality, Big Data Analytics, Text Mining, Fraud Management, Health Science etc.

With the help of SAS, you can make various operations on Data like:

Data Management                          Statistical Analysis                            Report Formation with Perfect Graphics

Business Planning                            Quality Improvement                    Application Development

Data Extraction                                 Data Transformation                      Data Updation and Modification

CISCO training Course

Intaglio Solutions offers the basic to advance end CISCO Training in Delhi to aspirants to make the candidates professional in Network Security. CISCO Certification offers the stair wise training courses to make the candidates learn network security from beginning to end.

We offer the CICSO Certified Training steps like this:




CCIE Data Center

CISCO Training

Once you complete the CCNA level training, you can further go ahead for CCNP Course and further CCIE R&S and so on. This course focuses on numerous aspects of network security such as threats, firewalls technologies, VPN’s, CISCO Router Switch Security. This Certification lays foundation for the various career options like Network Security Engineer or specialist, Security administrator and also serves as a prerequisite for CCIC Security and CCNA Security.

CCNA Training Course

CCNA (CISCO Certified Network Associate) is a beginner level Certification for the candidates seeking job opportunities in network security field. It is the associate level certification in networking that covers the basics of CISCO Networking and Routing Switching technologies along with IP addressing schemes, routing basics, Wan Technologies. After learning the CCNA Training in Delhi, a candidate can easily install, Configure and troubleshoot Cisco Routers and switches for medium sized networks.

CCNA training extensively helping to meet the growing needs for Network Security Professionals.  This course teaches the candidates installation, troubleshooting, and monitoring of network devices that helps to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of available data and devices. This course keeps going revamp from time to time in order to stay with most recent updates. CCNA New programs include Network Engineers, Application Developers and Cisco DNA. All you need as a prerequisite is your own willingness to learn basic computer skills.

We are also offering CCNA, CISCO, SAS Training online. We have trainers with more than of 10 years of experience e in network security and analytics industry. We provide an encouraging and supportive environment to students which groom them with technical and professional intellect. We conduct advance training sessions and practical labs on real projects to help students to penetrate all the levels if IT Industry. We used to inform our students about available career options timely and make them enable to appear in interview till they are being placed. The academic excellence of Intaglio Solutions is reflected by our student’s exemplary placement record in the IT division.

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