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Impossible Things To Buy

Many people think that if they become rich, then they can buy all the things. But it is not true. There are a lot for thing which nobody can buy. It is good to have money and the things that money can buy. But it is good to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things money can’t buy.

  1. You can’t buy Time Management.
  2. Also you can’t buy Confidence and Motivation.
  3. You can’t buy 8-hours of Sleep and 24 hours Anxiety Free.
  4. Trust and Respect cannot be purchased and Acquired, they can only be earned.
  5. You can’t buy Manners.
  6. Nobody can buy Morals and Respect. You can earn respect but you can’t buy.
  7. You can’t buy Character and Common Sense. Character is made by work and behavior.
  8. No one can buy Patience, Integrity and Love. Love is a gift of God for us.
  9. You cannot buy Peace of Mind. You will get peace with you good behavior, work done nicely and helping other for good cause.
  10. Happiness is not for sale. Have anyone heard that they can buy happiness, no you can’t. Happiness grows inside you. Love someone, help someone, you will feel happiness. The world needs love and happiness.
  11. You can’t buy Humility and Wisdom.
  12. You can’t buy Good Friends, a Long Life, Luck, Youth and True Love.

You can’t buy these things at any store in the world.

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