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How To Learn A Foreign Language On Android And iOS With Best Apps

Learning multiple languages is a wonderful thing that many people try not only for knowledge but for entertainment too. If you are going to some other country then learning their lands language will help you to know their culture and places. It must help you to communicate with the people with different regions. It can be a little difficult but with the help of some mobile apps on your android and IOS makes this task easy to use. You can start this by reading the literature on the new countries, start learning the names of famous food and streets and try to interact with the native peoples. By these mobile language apps you can improve your multitasking skill with memory. You can find thousands of available resources to learn language on the internet. But you may select some best one . Become your own tutor. There is no age for learning and with apps you can learn it anytime anywhere. This will also help you in exams.


Just try these apps:-

Duolingo is a best app that helps the user to learn language by games. You have to pass through it’s level by translating,pronouncing words and phrase correctly. You can choose any language. It has various sections like phrases, food, adjectives and basics. By trying these sections you can begin to understand it without a tutor. After completing these sections you can start talking to the people in the world with their language . By the time you will get a reward with Lingots that will be used to buy life or pickup lines.

learn language (1)    learn language (3)

learn language (4)   learn language (2)

You can also set a goal for the language you have chosen. You can follow your friend’s progress on the leaderboard to make competition with them. Duolingo supports many languages like German, English, French, Portuguese and Italian. It can be use by bo0th android and ios users. It’s totally free. It’s a new way of education.

You can also visit there website

For IOS user go to this app linkregional languages,language android app


It is a best way to learn and practice many languages that we speak often. This app connects you to the people speaks the language you chose all over the world. You can connect with them by typing and speaking. No worry if you are not fluent, you are just in training with HelloTalk. By HelloTalk tools you can pronounce typed text and translate text you other language or to own language. IOS version app is also available with android. Try 100’s of languages.

learn language (6)   learn language (7)

You have to set your language and skill level for this. You can message to the people with selected language and can chat with them.  If you are a beginner then start typing in your native language and use translate tool before sending meggage to others.You can find native speaker in your country or worldwide. You can switch to other language by typing 500 characters.

IOS users click here


Memrise is a wonderful language learning program that is used with images, memory tricks and other useful tools to make language easier for learning. It is focused on memorization and designed beautifully to make you learn with fun to the new language. Memrise is totally free for iOS and Android apps. You have the power to learn geography, languages, history, science and other things too in your pocket with Memrise. It is based on flash cards.

learn language (8)      learn language (1)

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Learn German, English, French, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Finnish,Japanese, russian and so much more.
You have to simply login with your Memrise username and password to get started.


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