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Eat These 5 Food To Remain Safe In Winters From Diseases

With the onset of winter we need good care of the body. Because the body’s immunity should be strong to avoid troubles in winter. And it is advisable to take adequate nutrition. Nutritionists are telling you some tips to fight these good things, which is very important to give us good nutrition during the winter.

Here are five such things that give us a lot of nourishment during the winter. Although these foods are included in our regular diet, however, we ignore these little natural wonders. Let’s explore these tips.

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It helps in keeping the oldest detox food liver healthy, which makes our skin glow in winter too.” Apart from eating sugarcane, your immunity is strong, jaundice is relieved and protects teeth from breaking down and protects against flu and throat infections.


During the winter, you should eat plum to strengthen your immunity. Plum is also very good for such children who often get sick. Yes, this little berry certainly helps in immunity level during winter. Because calcium is also present in the berry with vitamin A and C. Apart from this, it contains 18 of the 24 essential amino acids that our body needs.

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However, the name of the tamarind meal starts to sour the tongue. But this naturalfly works like a panacea in many problems in winter. It is very good for our dyesation and when its seeds are added to the residue, then this drink becomes very tasty. This sour fruit is very good for your heart because it reduces LDL cholesterol and works to dilute the blood. Not only this, you can use the cooked tamarind also in sweets, besides you can dry it and use it as a spice.


Amla is the king of winter. You can take it in the same way as cheyavanprasch, sorbet and even marmalade. “You should definitely take Amla in the winter because this vitamin vitamin is rich in food, which makes it a strong antioxidant, besides Amla. There are many types of health benefits, including antidiabetic, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory, as well as fighting cancer, radiation and blood levels. Does help.

Sesame Jiggery

Due to the abundance of fatty acids in sesame jaggery, this winter is a Tasty Food. “This small seed is very rich with very good health benefits which keep the heart healthy by blocking cholesterol production, it gives more elasticity in your skin and damages Helps in repairing body tissue. Needless to say, during winter, all the food is preferred to mole jaggery.

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