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Earn And Study By Completing Some Online Tasks In Your Spare Time

Internet has now become more than an entertainment platform, a powerful industry. The growing industry has become an important source of income. Internet is a good source of income for the students along with part-time and full-time jobs. We have mentioned some alternates, which will help you to cover up your education expanse by online work. You can earn to build up your business earning for the future. You can continue by accessing any of the options to make your carrier. By some research, India will become the second highest internet user country, till December 2014.

Online Photo

By this option, you can sell your photos to some best online photo sharing websites. There are many websites available by Stock Photography. Dreamtimes, Shutter Point, Photolia, iStock and Shutter stock can use the photos submitted by the members. According to the website policy, they will give 15-85% royalty on each photo sale. But, before this, the photos you upload must be accepted by the website. Without acceptance, you will not get any money.

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By App Making

In the current period, Google Android Market contains more than 30 Lakhs apps for android. In this way, smart phone app development can become a great internet job. App making can learn online. You can find many PDF and Video tutorials on internet. There can be paid tutorials but, you will find free tutorials a lot. But the problem is not app making, the problem is to get the idea, on which you wish to make an app. After making the app, you have to submit the app to the related app store. Then you have to decide the cost of the app.

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Buy-Sell Domains

You can buy the domain name at registration cost or less than the registration cost from the related website and can sell them with profit. But before this, you have to search for the famous and popular domain names by visiting the domain auction websites. You can visit on ebay.com, in.godaddy.com/.Auction, auctions.godaddy.com, domaintrade.us. You can see the list of expired domain name list, which can return to the pool.

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Self Published Books

If you are interested in writing, and want to publish your books online, you can use amazon’s free service Kindle direct publishing. With the help of this service, you can get royalty by selling. If the book publish in some selected countries then, you will get near about 70% royalty. If published in all the countries then, you will get near about 35% royalty.

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Online Marketing

You can earn by becoming Search Engine Marketing expert. The people who have their own website can’t earn without publishing it. They need help of some SEO and SEM experts. In marketing you have to do Press Release, Article Marketing, submitting the websites for directories and search engines, Social Bookmarking, Blog posting and Forum Posting. For this work, many companies hire, search engine marketing experts.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best idea to earn online. Affiliate is a person that earn by promoting and selling each product. He can do this by his own website or some world famous platform like Ebay, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and many more. To start this work, you have to sign up with the company affiliate program. Then you have to sell the product by its referral link. You can also try Clickbank for this.

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Designing can give you money. Either you are professional or design by wish, you can make money by selling your designs on great websites. Cafepress.com is one of them. You can upload your designs on Cafepress and if they got an order for the designs, then company print them on bags, t-shirts, books, posters, greetings and calendars.

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Disclaimer :- We have got this information from some reliable resources. We try our best to provide you correct and useful tips and tricks. But, we are not responsible if any company changes its terms and conditions. Our motive is to inform you about the online earning ways.

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