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5 Mistakes Associated With The Ear Can Make You Deaf Before Age

Ears are such a part of our body without which we can not hear anything. But usually women do not take much seriously related to ear problems, but if problems related to this organy are ignored, then it can be very difficult for you to move forward. Today, we are going to tell you about some of the mistakes you have made which can cause you to lose your ears for life, because of repetition i.e. can be deaf. Yes, you accidentally damage the ears everyday. After bathing earbuds affect the hearing of ears from the ear, cleaning the ears with the finger, itching with finger, listening to earphones in very loud sound, etc.

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The ear is the most sensitive part of the human body, and if the inconveniences in it are ignored, then it can also take away your hearing power from you. But most women begin to treat themselves when they have pain in their ears. Yes, some women ignore the pain of the ear. Some women themselves, by taking any kind of drip from the market themselves, get rid of it, but no one tries to know that after all the pain in the ear What is the reason? Today we are telling you about some such habits that you unknowingly do everyday to harm the ear.

Cleaning The Ear With The Candle

If it is itching in the ear or the ear wax accumulates in the ear, then women are now using too much wax to remove it, this process is called ear candling. If you think of a research done in New York, it is not fair to clean the ear in this manner. Wax cause damage to the ears, due to which the ear can burn. In addition, when earwax goes out completely, the ear becomes dry, which affects the hearing capacity. Therefore, avoid ear-candle cleaning.

Loud Voice Of Earphone

Nowadays, listening to a loud voice from earphones has become a bit of a custom. But do you know that listening to the song in such a way can be deaf too. According to the US National Institute on Deafness, only 15 percent of people in the US are deaf in the age of 20 years, because the earphones have to listen to music in loud voices. According to the research published in the Indian Journal Octolology, the most responsible factors for deafness include an earphone. If you too hear fast songs from earphones like this then change this habit from today itself.

Cure Of Pain In Ear By Itself

If there is a small problem associated with the ear, its treatment starts with itself. But it can be harmful to your ears. Because the ability to listen to the ears by igniting the pain in the ear may start decreasing. The pain in the ear is not only due to the problem of the ear, but if there is any kind of problem in the jaw, mouth, throat etc., pain starts. It can also be a serious illness, so if you have a pain, go to the doctor.

To Finger In Ears

Whenever it is itching in the ear, you start to scratch with a finger in your ear without thinking. Even if you get relief, it damages your ears. There are bacteria in your nails that can infect your ears. If someone has diabetes and it is itching in the ear with finger, it is more likely to be infected.

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Other Things In The Ears

It becomes the habit of some women. They keep shaking like pen, pencils, etc. in their ears. Many times he becomes so immersed in this work that the ears are wounded. This can cause infection, which is dangerous for your ears. Ear doctors also put some in the ear and refuse to itch.

Apart from this, piercing yourself in the ear also has a greater risk of infections, so go to an expert for piercing.

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