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Questions To Ask Yourself For Creating A Strong Student Profile

Everyone is different and has certain traits which set them apart from the rest of the crowd. However, there will always be some aspects of your personality that you are not aware of. Creating a student profile is an important part while filling a college application form. You need to ask yourself certain questions before you create a strong profile. There are no right or wrong answers to these issues. The questions are important for you to understand your personality traits. We have written some questions that you can ask yourself. These will help in creating a strong student profile. If you wish to take some help, you can visit a Custom Writing website. You will find an experienced writer here to create it for you.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself in order to create a strong student profile. This may require deep understanding and answering with full honesty.

  1. What is your favorite aspect of school/college/university? Why?
  • You can write about homework, friend circle, activities, tools, and techniques for learning the subject or the classes. You can also talk about the efficiency of instructors.
  1. Naming the subject that you are good in. Why did you get great scores on particular subjects?
  • There are some subjects that we personally love studying. You should be able to answer yourself as to why you love those subjects! If you love Sociology, then talk about the importance of understanding society in a scientific way. Why do you like Mathematics? You love to play with numbers! There can be many possibilities.
  1. What is your least favorite aspect of school or college?
  1. Naming the subjects in which you scored the least. What was the reason?
  • Why did you get low scores on a particular subject? Why do you find at least interesting?
  1. What are your strengths? Why do you consider it as strength? How did you find out about it? How do you plan to utilize it?
  2. What is your goal in life? It could be a non-academic goal. How do you plan to reach the target?
  3. What are your weak points? Have you considered working on them?
  4. What are you passionate about? Have you thought of going after your passion and not listening to what the world has to say?
  5. What was your biggest academic achievement?
  6. If there is a difficult topic and you are not able to solve it. What do you do about it?
  7. When you are working in a team, what role do you play? Do you lead the team? Do you take the orders?
  8. Do you like working in a team or alone? There are some students, who like to work in a group because they think more is merrier. However, there are students, who wish to work alone because they think a team has too many strong-headed people.
  9. What kind of a student are you? How would your teachers describe you?
  10. What is your first priority in life? Why?
  11. Describe the happiest moment of your life.
  12. Have you ever thought that you could change a situation in the past? If you had the chance – would you do things differently?
  13. Are you a quick learner? What is the best learning tool/technique as per you?
  14. How do you like to study? Describe the environment in which studying is easy.
  15. What was your biggest academic failure? Where did you go wrong?

Source: Huffpost

Words From The Wise

Was this helpful? When you are filling the profile form, these questions will help you to answer them in the best way. It will take time to answer all the questions mentioned above, but it is important for you. The university/school/college wishes to know you. On the basis of your answers, you will get the highest rating. If you liked our post, show us some love by asking yourself the questions that we have mentioned above. Good luck!


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