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6 Best Mobile Apps For Comic Book Reading & Lost In Childhood

It feels that comic books are around since the beginning of time and most of us can’t imagine a childhood without them. Luckily for us, the digital era did not leave the comic book industry unaffected and now we can enjoy digital comics. And they are becoming very popular recently since the big guys Marvel and DC joined the digital distribution of comics.

The next step was to develop some apps to that are able to read those comic books and a lot started to appear soon enough. We analysed what the market has to offer and came up with the best mobile apps for reading comic books.

Perfect Viewer
The perfect viewer is perhaps the fastest comic reader available right now. It has the downside of only being available for Android users, however, we are hoping that an iOS compatible version will come out soon. When we said that it’s the fastest, we really meant it.You have absolutely no delay when switching from one page to another. Besides being fast, it also has a lot of very helpful features like the ability to cache next pages.

The name itself says it, it is the perfect comic book viewer for Android users that also are into a lot of functions that they will never use or truly understand.


ComicRack is available on Android, IOS and Windows mobile phones and it packs quite some features that make it unique. First of all, it gives you the ability to sync the comic book you are reading with other devices. So you are able to pick up where you left the reading on another device. Also, it gives you the chance to export the comic book altogether and put it on another device. Aside from all these great features, comic book fans will also find a manga mode. This gives the option of showing one or two pages at a time in the reader window.

DC Comics 

This is more than just an app for reading online comics, it’s basically a gateway. By downloading the app you get access to the catalogue of DC Entertainment.There’s no chance you haven’t heard about a DC hero but just in case: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are just 3 of most popular DC heroes.

The app can be synchronised across multiple devices so you don’t have to worry about remembering where you were left when switching from your phone to a tablet, for example.

And since we mentioned such a switch, the guided view reading mode makes the app very easy to use on all devices.

Simple Comic

This comic book reading app is only available on iOS and that should not necessarily a reason for envy for Android users. Because the apps available for Mac are far fewer and the features available are also scarce.Well, that’s not a bad thing at all since the main purpose of the application is to allow users to read comic books.  Even so, it still offers the possibility to view more than one page at a time or page rotation among others.

Manga Rock

This is a comic book app specialized in reading manga and it also comes with a lot of titles in various languages.  You can download the comics or simply read them online while using features like zoom,  reading direction and multiple reading modes.

It is available both on Android and iOS and it is quite popular among manga lovers and not only. After all, with over 50000 titles built-in, it would be a pity not to download it.

Astonishing Comic Reader

This is one of the freshest comic book readers available on Playstore and it’s also very good.  Being so fresh it has a modern look and is available across Android, iOS and Windows.

It reads all available formats and can be linked to all sort of cloud storage options. Also, you can synchronise it with other devices so you never forget where you were left when switching devices.



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