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Catch The Best Online Websites For Group Study Absolutely Free

If you are studying alone at home than it’s time to change the way to study and gain some new knowledge with others. You can start group study anytime and anywhere with below mentioned free online sources. You can start group study and discuss with friends and experts. Group study will help to to revise your study material. Discussing with friends and experts in a group you will came to know what exactly you have learned in the class. How much you know about the topic or course! You can fill your knowledge gaps and help others. You can cross check your knowledge. By studying together you can solve your problems and so others. It encourages your study habit. Every member find’s something new to the group that is discussed by all.

Study groups are a good source to connect with new people and make friends. With the help of study groups you can send messages and share files.  These study groups are totally protected from unwanted persons. Only members of group can access.


Argue with each other about the exams and the topic you are reading. it offers a powerful learning experience to tlearning source,online learning source,study problems,he students. Now group discussion is not limited to school or library.

Think Binder

think binder1

Think binder is a wonderful website that allows students to manage online study group. They can share their links and files and notes. The students who are absent in  the class can catch missed lessons created by others in the study group that day.In think binder user can make and join multiple groups. By think binder simple set of tools student can work more efficiently. You have to just sign up for free account and you will be directed to group discussion. There you will be able to ask questions to others. You can start live chatting to discuss your problems . You can set a coordination by organizing your file and group calender. You can link your Facebook account to think binder.



ExamTime is a learning place that allows teachers and students to create, share, construct and discover the learning resources mostly used. It makes a help in the creation of group study for collaborating, sharing and discussing new ideas with other students studying the same thing. ExamTime features are like making your own notes and taking quizzes, creating Mind Maps and Flashcards to evaluate yourself. One unique and helpful feature of ExamTime is it allows you to create your own study plan using their Study Planner Tool. The Study Planner can help students to keep their proper pace while they’re studying. It also helps to boost their motivation.

You can sign up for ExamTime by linking your Facebook account or by attaching you e-mail id to ExamTime. Please fill the complete profile so that they can help you to find out the things you are interested in. Exam Time can not be use like an app, it can only be use on the web. Most of the tools are free but some premium tools are also available.


wiggio 1

Wiggio is one of the easiest and most used online web tools for working in groups study. There are millions of wiggio users all around the world. Wiggio is using a wide range of groups which is attached to social groups and academic groups to Charitable Organizations. The features of  Wiggio are voice mails, text messages, emails, file sharing,  editing, conference calling, scheduling, polling, video conferencing and project management.

To make a group you have to enter a group name, password and the motive of the group. Once the group is generated you can add members by using their email address.

Open Study


OpenStudy is a free group’s community created by students from all the world. OpenStudy allows it’s members to reach live help for class tests or homework assignments by other members who are studying the same thing. By this other members can practice on their problems. By answering questions other members will able to earn credentials which can let them to becoming an OpenStudy Ambassador. Member of this site can create a group related to a particular subject or topic. They can also invite others who are studying or interested in the same thing. 

One more thing that registration is not compulsory to view the content like solutions and quires in open study group. Without registration you can see and read these things to make sure the concept. After this you can register with your facebook account.

Study Blue

study blue1

StudyBlue is also a free service for students to learn by their interest. It is based on a flashcard service. By this service students can create and share their own flashcards on the subject and topic in which they are interested.By the study tool tab students can create and customize their desired flash card using audio, images or text. There are different study mode available in which students can complete self-assessments by quizzes. They can make study guides by including flash cards for a particular topic.

In this teachers can make virtual classes in which they can add students for these classes. By this teachers can track their students nicely. Students can registers in this service by their email, facebook account and even by linking Google+ account.


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