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Boost Your Resume: How To Turn Job Challenges Into Accomplishments?

Some jobs can be significantly challenging. Whether the job itself was difficult or you had a difficult time finding a long term job, you might be worried when it comes time to refresh your resume. Ideally, you’ll want to hand over a resume that will make the recruiter for your dream position offer you the job immediately. You can get your resume to that level by taking another look at what you have and considering new experiences you can add to strengthen your first impression.

Freelance To Fill Gaps

One of the biggest job challenges is not being able to find one.  If you’re currently between jobs, you might worry how long gaps without work look on your resume. If you have a list of opportunities that haven’t worked out, it’s time to consider a side gig that will always work out. It looks good on a resume, and it solves a problem in your life.

When you find yourself in that position, consider what you have to fall back on. Some people are able to take their skills to the freelance market. Things like graphic design, copywriting, and website coding are great freelance careers, and they’ll bring in a little extra cash during your transition period.

Having freelance experience to add to your resume will show a future employer that you’re always committed to working, even if you don’t have a regular nine to five. You’ve stayed fresh, and you’ve kept your claws sharp even when you were having a tough time finding traditional employment.

Focus On Your Education

Thanks to the internet, you don’t even need to leave your house to attend a higher learning institution. Spend gaps between work focusing on learning. It shows that you’re committed to becoming better at what you do. If you already attended schooling alongside your challenging career periods, place emphasis on what you learned and your dedication to education.

Oftentimes, the perfect candidate for a job is the candidate who is most willing to learn. It’s a rare quality in people, and employers who have a lot of training to offer to their employees want to know that their programs won’t land in the laps of unwilling participants.

If you choose flexible or online schooling, you can continue your educational pursuits even after you find regular employment. Start right now, and you’ll be good to go.

Rework What You Have

One of the hardest challenges to deal with are actual failures or unsatisfactory endings to jobs you’ve had before. The most important thing to demonstrate is that you’ve overcome those challenges. Lying won’t help anyone – the moment the person who reviews your resume calls your former boss, you’ll lose all credibility when they hear a different story. You’ve wasted everyone’s time, and you were dishonest. Don’t put yourself in that position.

Focus on your strengths, but highlight your ability to overcome challenges. You’ve faced them before, and even if you previously failed in the face of those challenges, you have hindsight to show you a better path. Keep it concise, and consider longer verbal answers for when these challenges come up in an interview. Treat the toughest parts of your former jobs, even when things went very wrong, as experiences from which you’ve learned and grown.

In life, everything is what you make it. If you treat your job challenges as roadblocks, then they’ll be roadblocks. When you view every obstacle as a stepping stone, you’ll be a stronger professional and a stronger person in the aftermath.



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