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How To Boost Your Willpower And Concentration

Sometimes the situation become frustrating when we know that we need to finish a project and we are not be able to focus on it. In such situations the things on social media seems more exciting than the task in hand. You can find dozens of ways to filter out distractions and can improve  your ability to concentrate for extended period of time.  We are highlighting most  practical techniques for you. Techniques includes your daily to do list and daily meditation practice. Tips will make you more productive in both your personal and professional lives.


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 Work For Most Pressing Project First In The Morning

Every day is crammed with encounters that can sap your determination, from turning down an associate’s naturally heated brownies to disregarding the siren call of your flooding inbox. When 3 p.m. Hits, it might be difficult to assemble up the intellectual assets to concentrate on anything business related. You need to work on your most important tasks early in the day, until you have the focus and willpower to complete them. Willpower may be highest in the morning.

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 Make A Quick Hit Notes

Keep your to do list  short. On the off chance that you have 30 things on your schedule and half of those are things that need to happen at some point this week, it’s no big surprise you feel stuck. You should set a time for your work, it forces you to be realistic in thinking about how much you can actually accomplish in a limited time frame.


 Start An Exercise Routine

Physical activities has a lot of benefits.   Regular aerobic exercise may spark development of the brain related to memory and attention. It might not take too long to reach the cognitive  benefits of exercise. Kids who occupied with 10-to 40-minute blasts of activity demonstrated a quick increment in concentration and mental focus, most likely in light of enhanced blood stream to the brain.

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 Look For The Things That Distract You

Don’t let you to distract by something. For example if you’re a social media notifications are distracting you like Facebook or twitter,  instead of answering client emails,  then you should simply accept that you are having trouble in focusing.  You have to move on to figuring out why.  The point is not to waste time getting upset because you are struggling,  but the thing is to get to the root of the problem and eliminate it.

 Take Regular Breaks  To Refresh Your Mind

You should have a regular break time into your work schedule. A  prolonged attention to a single task hurts your performance.  By the research, the people who took two breaks during a 50 minute cognitive task performed much better than those who worked straight through. Just take a five minute break during your work.

 Work For Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the general term for cultivating greater awareness of your experience in the present time.  It can help you to stay focused on the task in the hand.  Do what you are doing with full focus.

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 Start Meditation

You should find a quiet place to sit and concentrate on your breath. Meditation gains a foothold in western societies.  People are starting to appreciate its psychological benefits. The working capability of the people has increased after they spent several months at the meditation retreat. You should  find a  quiet place,  sit in a comfortable position and start   breathing.  Keep doing this for as long as you can. There are variations on this technique but counting your breath is a basic meditation practice.

 Be Patient

Developing any new cognitive skill takes time.  So you have to just give time to experience your new skill development.  Through meditation you will be able to increase  your ability to focus.


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