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Best Android Apps To Test Your IQ Level

It’s time to test your IQ level. As we grow older the mental makeup of the body starts to degrade. If you want to improve your score on IQ tests, it will either test your vocabulary or pattern recognition and math skills. This holds true for our intelligence quotient or IQ levels too. You should browse various websites and books to learn, read and discuss. Training the brain makes it work faster and helps it to take judicious decision. The various games and brain training apps are unlikely to actually improve your intelligence. So you can read more or take some math classes too.

Just take a bunch of IQ test apps, which will improve your test taking ability and bump your expected score up a few points. Thankfully the advent of technology has made things better for everyone, and you can expect to check on your IQ levels with help of Android Apps, which have been designed for this very purpose. These apps are downloaded and tested by millions of people. The apps contain hundreds of carefully selected questions on different topic areas to cover a complete range for IQ test. You will see comprehensive explanations and tips and tricks to solve difficult problems and improve lateral-thinking.


You can test your level of preparation. You will find Visual Patterns like Picture Analogies, Mental Arithmetic, Number pattern, Logical reasoning, Relationship Problems, Verbal Aptitude, Time and date Problems, Speed, time & distance and Work, Age Problems, Profit & Loss related problems. This is perfect for college, school and university entrance test. This can also be used to improve your mental health. Some apps gives you a feature to share your questions on Facebook.

IQ Test Preparation

Iq test preparation (2) Iq test preparation (1)

This unique Application for IQ test preparation contains hundreds of selected questions on nine different topic areas. It covers a complete range for IQ test preparation. IQ test preparation also provides an opportunity to test your level of preparation in the form of 5, 10 and 20 minutes test.
The updated version includes lot of additional features along with already available distinctive features. It covers all the categories, which we have mentioned above.

Bubbles IQ

bubble iq

We have a Android version of Bubbles IQ. This is a popular game, which has over a million players already in Facebook. Bubbles IQ is an addictive and playful puzzle game, where you compete online with other players and friends. Find out are you the smartest in your country or in the whole world, and what is your IQ score?

It has a feature to connect to Facebook and compete in weekly challenges. You can earn shiny medals to show your friends. You can team up with your friends to earn free boosters. You can also compete online against people around the world.

Picture IQ – Guess the Word

picture iq

This is a top puzzle game. You have to find how do these 4 pictures relate to each other? You can unlock all the levels and solve the picture puzzles. Just challenge your friends and compare the scores. What’s the word we are looking for? Let’s see how far you can get!

This app contains countless puzzles of from easy to hard await you. Find out why everyone can’t put this game down.

Best IQ Test

Best IQ Test (1)Best IQ Test (2)

Checkout how many brain teasers can you solve? You should play the best IQ Test to find out if you’re a Genius. IQ Test is a entertaining mental free game, which consist of 60 unique riddles. These riddles are divided into 5 levels of varying difficulties. Run your imagination and find a logical explanation for the mysterious puzzles.

You can understand the difficulty by, the first level can solve 90% of the population, and the last is only 5%. This is real good memory trainer. Good exercise to your brain with the most addicting IQ test ever. You can see detailed statistics. This game is for all fans of puzzles, brain thinking, word games, mind games, riddles and logic puzzles with answers. The riddle has 2 hints to solve the problem.

Take a look on the IQ of world famous people:
– Leonardo da Vinci IQ 220
– Garry Kasparov IQ 190
– Wolfgang Mozart IQ 165
– Albert Einstein IQ 160
– Bill Gates IQ 160

Logic Game – River IQ

Logic Game - River IQ

There are so many questions running game a lot size of your intelligence. Get Rich data with regular updates (no sms included). You can update 35 chapters. You can click on HELP to view help and Share to capture the screen and share on Facebook.

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