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8 Time-Management Tips For Students To Combine Study And Work

Time is a valuable asset for everyone, irrespective of who they are or what they do, and should, therefore, be spent wisely. “Wisely” doesn’t imply having no fun and minding business at all times. Wisely is being able to manage your time well enough to engage in a broad range of activities. For students, mastering how to spend their time well is a very serious matter. This is because how well they perform is largely dependent on how well they spend this precious commodity.

Sadly, a number of students fail when it comes to time management and as a result, often end up failing in their classes. With all the classes and deadlines in place, school can be quite overwhelming. That alone dictates that students must have a grip on their time if they are to deliver work on time. Now, imagine adding employment to your already crammed schedule or vice versa. It may seem like an impossible task but it’s very doable. I have identified 8 tips to help you out should you opt to combine having a job and studying.

Check out these 8 time-management tips:

  1. Be Organized

The key to success in almost every aspect of our life is organization. Being organized is all about identifying what needs to be done and completing the tasks based on the level of their priority or urgency. Your time will be well spent when you have some level of organization in your personal life. The best way to go about this would probably involve identifying the tasks, writing them down, and setting timelines to accomplish them.

The best way to stay organized is to get an organizational tool that you will find suitable to use. Thanks to technology, phones, PCs, and online platforms offer such tools which include pin-ups and calendars just to mention a few. Especially when you combine study and work, you must be well organized to achieve balance and avoid a scenario where one affects the other negatively. Don’t forget to always have your list of priorities. That way, you will rarely lose sight of what’s important to you and avoid focusing on what isn’t.

  1. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is a big challenge to many, and not just students. It has contributed to a significant number of student failures. When you set out to do something, JUST DO IT! Avoid continually postponing tasks to later. With a busy schedule, such as in the case of combining school and employment, this could be detrimental. A slight slip and it will take a while for you to recover, should you even succeed in doing so.

The biggest challenge to successful time management has been procrastination. This is essential because we let work pile up. Imagine a scenario where a student keeps on postponing completing assignments. In the end, assignments pile up and they cannot be delivered on time. Consequently, the student ends up delivering low quality work. At work, such a trend will have you fired faster than you can blink. The tip is to write down your to-dos, giving them a deadline and completing the tasks as required. The best way to beat this bad behavior is by having self-discipline.

  1. Get Help

There is no shame in getting help. Your work and study will often have you jammed up and you may not have the capacity to complete some tasks. In such case, don’t be shy to get some help. Household chores can be hard to complete when we’re overwhelmed with other activities. If you’re living with somebody else, you can request some help. You can also get help from relatives. Their support is the most important.

Getting help and making other people aware of your situation will help you better manage your time. This is mainly because you will have less friction with people around you and that means you’ll have some peace. Chances are you will be more successful. The best way to have getting help work in your favor is to write down other activities aside from work and school. Once written down, you can discuss the activities with the person you’re seeking help from and find a way of completing them.

  1. Have Breaks

Irrespective of how busy your schedule seems to be, take some time to unwind. The human body has a limit of what it can take. “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy,” don’t you forget that. Yes, similarly, putting all your time in work and study to the point of forgetting to take breaks will make you unproductive. As you plan your time, ensure you have breaks to get a bit of relaxation. Your brain needs to recharge. Also, these breaks are meant to make you more efficient. Taking a break is not a waste of time as we may at times think but rather, it could help save you more time. Be careful though not to overdo your relaxation and waste valuable time.

  1. Sleep

Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! I don’t know how much more I can emphasize on this. Time management is an art. It requires lots of mastery. Our world today is a 24-hour economy that sees people work day and night. Lots of us fall into the trap of overworking and forgetting that our bodies need sleep. Balancing school and work demands you to be at 100% working capacity at all times if you want to be successful. Sleep plays a vital role in mental and physical health. A sleep deprived person often ends up not being as successful as they had envisioned.

  1. Have Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is everything when it comes to time management. How well you get to manage your time is directly proportional to your level of self-discipline. Most successful people worldwide possess some degree of self-discipline except in a few exceptional situations. It’s said that a habit develops over 21 days, so if you have difficulty managing your time, try to write daily schedule for a period of three to four weeks and follow it to the letter. Self-discipline will determine how committed you’ll be to the time management.

  1. Always Keep Time

Tardiness is a no-no if you want to be successful. Being on time is an indication of seriousness and commitment to your work. Writing a schedule will help you keep time as you’ll be aware of what you are supposed to be doing and where you ought to be. A lot of people find tardiness to be offensive. Therefore, don’t ruin your success. Instead, be committed to always being on time.

  1. Be Flexible

Be flexible and avoid being uptight. Despite all the planning, things don’t always work to our advantage, and we must be prepared for such situations. It’s all about being open-minded in your time management. When writing your schedule, have room for any unexpected activities that may arise. Your schedule is not carved in stone so that it can’t accommodate some adjustments. You should also be prepared for such situations so as to handle them better.


Time management is really not that difficult once you master self-discipline. Your ability to commit to a task and complete it will depend on this. With the right strategies, you can attain a balance between your work and study. It’s as simple as writing down your priorities and creating a schedule to accomplish them. We have often heard the phrase “time is money.” Therefore, be sure to use your time wisely, be selfish with it because you’ll never get back the hours you’ve wasted.

Submitted By : – Richard Nolan is a writer and a private tutor, sharing his experience in spheres of  writing, blogging, entrepreneurship and psychology.


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