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7 Secret Benefits Of Using Coloring Apps

“Look at yourself as a color. You may not be everybody’s favorite color but believe me, one day you will meet someone who needs you to complete his picture”

 Colors are the most beautiful part of life. The beauty of colors just doesn’t fade.

In this modern fast world, people at a regular basis suffer from stress and tension.

There is an amalgamation of hope and fear. In order to overcome these negative traits, people indulge themselves in practices like, smoking, drinking, being extremely religious, meditation, running marathons, joining gym etc.

But some of the smartest people keep themselves engaged with colors. This is the best way of relieving stress because this doesn’t let you involve in some activity that may be hazardous to you in future.

Doctors these days suggest their patients to color. Psychiatrists have been prescribing coloring to get rid of stress and anxiety. Lot of times, patients stare at the doctors in disbelief that their doctor is actually prescribing them a coloring book or coloring app to get relief from stress. But after using a coloring app as recommended, they turn up and say that they were very happy using the coloring book or app because it heals the mind. There are so many benefits of coloring, you may not be even aware of some of them.

I have jotted down different benefits of coloring below:

#1. Do you  know that the concept of coloring book dates back to the time of the great and famous psychologist Carl Jung? This man was way ahead of his time. Carl Jung thought that this will actually help his patients to get an access of their subconscious and gain new knowledge about their own self. Most of the psychologists suggest their patients to use these coloring books instead of meditation. This helps in calming the mind and acts as a relaxing tool. It allows the individual to color intricate parts of a drawing for long hours rather than focusing on other troublesome thoughts.

#2. The adult coloring apps help people with psychiatric problems. These apps miraculously help people suffering with obsessive-compulsive disorders, stress, depression, anger and eating problems. Coloring apps help an individual fight with negativity.

#3. Coloring is a harmless and soothing activity that actually helps an individual’s brain to calm down and relax. It has also been seen as helpful for the patients with the disabilities like PTSD.

#4. When we color, we come back to a simple and fuller life. Coloring brings back the child in us. We can feel the happiness of a child when we color. Coloring in adult coloring books or apps makes us stress-free and happy.

#5. One more amazing fact about coloring is that it works with the areas of the brain that can focus and concentrate. It helps you to solve problems and make you more organized. You may not believe what I say but all of it is actually true.

#6. It is coloring that utilizes the total brain, both the left and the right. While we think of balancing the color, choosing the color and applying the color, we actually work on our motor skills. The activity where our complete brain is at work is the best kind of activity for better functioning of the brain.

#7. Coloring helps in concentration and has  other therapeutic benefits. It allows us to change the negative thoughts into positive thoughts. These therapeutic artworks actually help us keep our mental health strong and fit.

Therefore, adult coloring books or apps are really beneficial for us. Coloring has a significant role to play to keep our mind focused, relaxed, calm, and much more organized.  Coloring has proved itself effective since a long period of time and you will be surprised with the results if you actually try it.

Make your life stress free and active! Make it a great place for yourself and for others. Practice coloring and be free.


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