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6 Benefits Of E-Learning You Must Try For Free

The age where you used to look down upon anyone who had a degree ‘not’ from a regular college is gone. Today everyone is in a hurry – to live, to earn money and see that happily ever after. This fast paced life, has bought in a lot of change in the education sector. Finally distance learning and online learning has changed the way education is looked at.


You are no longer are bound by the boundaries of a university and college life. You can easily pick up courses from any distinguished college and pursue your desired course online, provided the college has a provision for online courses.



Online courses or massively open online courses in particular are making it big in the education industry. World’s leading colleges and graduate schools are investing their significant resources into E Learning. These courses can range from weeks to years. It totally depends on what kind of course you choose. They have a variety of online courses from various small time certificate courses to a full blown MBA degree.



Here are few reasons why online learning is perfect for you:

  1. Cheap and Affordable: One of the reasons why an online course has become more desirable is the fact that it is cheap. Students no longer need to empty their pockets to get a degree; an online course gives you the same qualification at a fraction of the cost. There is minimal travelling and zero accommodation cost. You can pursue an online degree at the comfort of your own house.
  1. Wide Course Range: From various IT related online certifications to understanding various theories on economics, behavioral sciences – the online world of education is vast. You could also take up language classes online. There are umpteen websites that are specifically dedicated to online course, and most of the high end universities have also come up with their dedicated online diplomas or certificates in various programs.
  1. Easy accessible: Now days the availability of digital devices are high, therefore this course serves the best purpose today. You can pursue an online course through your phones, tablets, computers, laptops etc. Institutes are providing content over the internet that you can download, share and save on your own system. Even your assignments and tests are submitted online.
  1. Location Free: You don’t need to go to college, or relocate to another city. You can stay where ever you are, work where ever you want and still pursue these online courses irrespective of the location of the institute.
  1. Time Management: Most working professionals opt for this course. It helps them to manage time efficiently. There is no time boundary to which you can view the course material; you can view it at your own freedom.
  1. Valuable: The value of an online course is equivalent to a regular degree. These various digital courses you can pursue while you are working or studying – which mean you are gaining experience while you are studying. You would be more valuable in terms of qualifications in the long run.

Online learning uses various EdTech methods to make their courses a success. Universities are investing proper resources for the development of online courses. Bernard Luskin, an EdTech pioneer stated that the “e” of e-learning should be interpreted to mean (exciting, enthusiastic, excellent, educational, energetic, emotional and extended) in addition to “electronic.”


E-Learning is one of the most virtually diverse programs till date. They are accessible according to your benefit 24/7, costs you a fraction of what a regular degree costs, you can pick and choose from the pool of a variety of choices. You can continue your education even after graduating. If you want to get a jump in your career growth – online education is definitely something everyone should look at.


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