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5 Steps To Grab Dominican Citizenship By Investment

The Commonwealth of Dominica proudly offers economic citizenship, passports and permanent residence to applicants who qualify through government sponsored investment legislation. It’s a unique opportunity to grasp 100-percent legal second citizenship and Dominican passport within three months approximately.

The Economic Citizenship Program holds the global recognition and has been functional for more than 15 years allowing you to become a full citizen of the country along with the corresponding Caribbean community. Here’re a few steps to apply and obtain Dominica citizenship by investment!


The first step when filing your second citizenship application is to look for an authorized agent. This application mustn’t be submitted directly to the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit(CBIU)but managed by an authorized agent who is supposed to be a person licensed by the unit. The agents are paid for their services and responsible to carefully evaluate the citizenship application before furnishing it to the office for further processing.


Once you find the authorized agent, it’s time to establish contact and allow him to assist you with document preparation and other paperwork crucial for the successful application process. You’ll need to complete the official forms carefully and accurately, have a detailed medical examination and gather all supporting documents as highlighted by the CBIU.

Make sure the form and other papers are in English with proper legislation and must be submitted through the right channel. If you’re making a property investment or buying the property, it has to be recorded through sales and purchase agreement initially. The agent will guide you throughout on how to prepare the documents and have them endorsed.


Upon submitting all the forms and supporting papers to the agent, he’ll carefully assess the application before forwarding them to the CBIU. The agent would further coordinate with the unit; correspond to questions and queries that may arise in due course. There isn’t any mandatory interview requirement for the program however; it can be conducted under the government’s discretion. Although the agent is there to lend his full support, your active participation throughout the entire process is equally important.


The application will be evaluated further with a detailed background check to ensure the element of reliability and whether the information you’ve provided is correct. Your application will be considered in the light of due diligence report before CBIU reaches a particular verdict. Whether the application is approved, requires further processing, delayed or even rejected; the status will be sent to the concerned via post.


Lest the citizenship request is approved, the CBIU will dispatch a letter requesting you to make investment payment(government fund option) or to complete payment of real estate property. Once your payment is received, a certificate of registration will be issued which your agent will further utilize to apply for Dominican passport in your name.


The Citizenship by investment Dominica program is most sought-after and an excellent choice for dual residency. The above steps are the simplest and legal way to win your way through!


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