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5 Proven Ways of Staying Connected With Existing Customers in A BPO Industry

More often than not organizations these days are growing their business when they acquire new customers. And going behind the big accounts would not help you improve the bottom line, bearing in mind that you should not neglect your current clients. Your existing customers are one of the major keys of having a thriving business that would keep the customers coming back for more and one of the best ways to turn them into the brand ambassadors. Below given are some of a few suggestions on how you could acquire your first time customers to permanent buyers.


Informing your customers about the services you are doing

Do let your customers know of what exactly is happening behind the scenes showcasing how your company is going above and beyond in terms of the customer service of your organization. It is not enough by just keeping them updated about the status of the shipment or the availability of a product, you would also have to ensure them that you have double checked on the package of delivery and the paper work has been filled out and is ready for the next process. If you do not tell them what you have been doing for them then they would never come to know about them. These may sound simple but you would be surprised of how often the things are overlooked.

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Taking note of Special Occasions.


Mark your calendars on your client’s birthdays, anniversaries and the other special occasions. So do make it a point to greet them by sending them a token and let them know that you remembered them on a special day. You could even tie in your gift on their most recent purchase in order to make the gesture even more memorable.

Sending Handwritten Notes

It is very easy to shoot an email or leave a voice message to your client in the world of marketing today. But sending a handwritten note would require a lot of time and deliberation that would make it stand out among a pile of impersonal printed template greeting card. You could also send out a few notes to have a follow up done with the client and asking if there is anything else that is required by them.

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Allowing your front liners adhere to excellent service policies

Try and have a clear communication for your organization commitment for your customers prominently displaying the policies for every employee to see. So try and consider hiring a call centre outsourcing company. Doing so would allow you to provide the kind of services you want as client servicing is something that are closely monitored and regularly adhered to maintain the standards that you require.


Finding what your customers actually want

Reaching out to your current customers and having a survey done on what they like and what they don’t about your business has to be improved. It is as simple as asking for a feedback. Do not wait for them to reach the point of coming and saying that they are unhappy with your services. Another best way of finding about your customer’s preference is by attending the events that are important for them, such as the trade shows, or the industry get together that would keep you in a loop in the field.

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To conclude once you have acquired all your customers, follow the above suggestions in order to have a happy and a loyal customer who is willing to continue doing your business with them. Remember satisfied customers are the ones to refer you to the new client which is again a kind of welcome by the product of superb customer service.



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