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5 Mistakes That Make Your Core Workouts Useless


Are you dreaming about a flat tummy and a stronger core by summertime? But, unfortunately, your attempts are not crowned with success? Trainer Mark from Activesc is convinced that you are doing at least one of the following mistakes! But do not worry, these mistakes are very easy to fix!

Mistake # 1 – Wrong Breathing

Many people during the exercises do not breathe properly or do not breathe at all. But exhales are very important as the work of the diaphragm depends on them. Exhaling helps muscles to contract more effectively. In addition, for the muscles to work at full strength, they need oxygen, without it the exercises will not only be ineffective, but can also damage the cardiovascular system. There will be overheating of the body, pressure will rise, the load on the heart will increase, and you will get tired faster. Therefore, it is necessary to inhale during relaxation, and exhale – during the greatest stress, that is on the rise.

Mistake # 2 – Monotony

Often people perform exercises on core only for abdominal muscles. This mistake can even lead to back problems. Since the load is distributed unevenly, some muscles will be strong, and others weak, as a result you can earn a violation of posture or injury. Therefore, it is necessarily to vary core exercises with exercises on legs, hands and so on. And be sure to strengthen your back. To do this, you can perform push-ups – during this exercise, the muscles of the back, hands, buttocks, and core are also involved. In addition to push-ups, be sure to do the exercise “Boat” – it perfectly works for back muscles.

Mistake # 3 – Irregular Trainings

More often than not, people do exercises irregularly because of the pain after training! But it’s not right. After intensive training, in the muscles tiny damages are formed (the rupture of the muscle fibers) and this causes unpleasant feelings. But as soon as you start training again, blood circulation increases, and the damaged cells leave the muscles. This accelerates the process of their recovery and growth. But this is only if the pain is easy. If the strength is very strong, you do not just have discomfort, but real pain, and it is difficult to tolerate, then it is better to repeat the exercises not less than 48 hours later. If you want to have a flat tummy, then train core muscles regularly, at least 3 times a week, and better – every day.

Mistake # 4 – The More, The Better

The quantity should not prevail quality! After all, the main standard for the correctness of performing any exercise on core is a feeling of burning. So it is better to do 10 times with a feeling of burning than 50 and even 100 without it.

Error # 5 – Incorrect Load Distribution

When it is hard for the body, it will try its best to minimize the load and energy costs. Therefore, performing exercises on core, people often start to use other muscles. For example, when you help yourself with your arms and neck, then you do not exercise the core, but the muscles of the neck. If you overdo it, you can seriously damage the cervical vertebrae and get a stretching of the neck muscles. Hands in this exercise can be attached to the head, but in no case should they push the back of the head. In order not to make this mistake, try to touch the head only with your fingertips, and the main load to give to the abdominal muscles. Also, during the exercise, it is better not to bulge your belly. And in order to make the muscles work, you should simultaneously raise the shoulders and knees.

Additional tip: Scientists have long time ago discovered the fact that a lot from what we eat contributes to weight gain. And even if the label contains the cherished inscription “No sugar” or “Light”, it does not mean that you should eat it. In fact, if the product contains at least a minimal proportion of refined sugars, saturated fats, fillers, thickeners and the component “E”, then, most likely, it will do you more harm than good. Learn to read labels and think!


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