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5 Goals Every Student Should Set In 2017!

Student’s lives are full of hardships whether it is in the form of financial constraints that deter them from achieving their goals or in terms of academic challenges, which comes their way. Despite all the odds, some student shines brightly both academically or in other activities. In this article, we look at some of the goals that every student will try to achieve in 2017.

Focus More on Learning than On Marks

One of the biggest mistakes many students make is that they focus on marks instead of learning. Come 2017, they need to change that for the good and turn their attention towards gaining knowledge and education instead of being obsessed with marks. Even though, marks are also important but not more than learning.

Students need to understand that otherwise, all their efforts will go down the drain. Big companies and multinational corporations focus on the knowledge, experience, and skills rather than on grades when hiring new employees.

Get the Best Grade

Every student wants to get the best grade on assignments and exams but that is easier said than done. With fierce competition among classmates, you need to stay one-step ahead in order to get the best grade in your class.

The best way to do that is to take help from assignment writing service. They have assignment-writing professional that can deliver the best quality assignment, which can take you one step closer to academic success.

You can also take assistance from the internet and prepare for the exam through multiple sources to get the best grades. You can also take help from your seniors who can guide you on how to prepare for the exams.

Make A Schedule and Stick to It

When you analyze the lives of most students, one thing is common, they do not abide by a schedule or timetable and their lives are in a mess. To correct that, it is important that students get their lives in order by making a schedule and following it strictly. Although, breaking the routine is also important but they should not make it a habit and follow a pre-defined schedule.

Most students struggle to find their belongings because their rooms are in a state of mess. They should de-clutter their desk and arrange things neatly. By streamlining and organizing their lives, they can put their time to good use and achieve better results.

Take Part in Extra Curricular Activities

As the saying goes, “All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy”. If you are a student, who is steadfast on academics but neglects extracurricular activities, then you should change that in 2017. Participate in such activities because it polishes your skills and completes your personalities. Whether it is sports or speech competition, you can win the hearts of your teachers if you do well in other facets of student’s life.

Attend Events

In today’s rapidly evolving world, if you want to enable yourself to deal with challenges of tomorrow then you will have to look beyond the classroom for learning. Do not restrict yourself to classrooms because there are many other ways to learn many things. For instance, you should attend events such as seminars, conferences, workshops and other such events.

These events broaden your horizon and give you an opportunity to meet new people and expand your network. Moreover, you can learn from the experts in the industry through these events. If you have not attended any such event yet, now is the right time to get started.

Submitted BY : – Scarlett Erin, is a Student Counselor and a Pro Blogger


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