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4 Most Important Life Lessons To Help You To Be More Productive

Everybody wants all things to be done at the right time. But most of them have a complaint that they have no time to complete their daily work.  For those people we have magical word “productivity”.  Sometimes it seems productive to work with Facebook and email, but most of the time these things waste a lot of time, which can be used to be more productive.  

We are not saying that the social media are useless, but we are mentioning that they are less productive than other things.  Smart people always think about, how to stop doing it for a long time.  Social media is not the real thing that you want to reach or approach. Talking to friends, watching their activities, having fun and all this kind of stuff is not a part of your work. There are only 5 or 10 minute workout to update yourself.

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Most of the productivity advice is focused on daily work. By focusing on the productivity rules, you will feel like you are turning into a machine. We have our own experience and tips about productivity which can be more helpful in your daily life. Let’s have a look on the medical tips we have.

  1. Protect Your Time Like As You Protect Your Money

We have an old saying is “time is money”. This is a kind of universal truth, which time is always money. Devote your whole time to improve your skill and work. Every time you can’t give your time to solve others problems and something like that. The only thing that will improve your work is time. Research has shown that, our time brain and money are seen differently. We are naturally conservative with money, not so with time. People say time = money, but they are wrong.  For an example after few years if you have a lot of money with you, you always think there will be more time you should have.

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If we simply explain to you, you need to treat your time more like money.  You have to be more careful about hours than dollar.  You can get more money in this life but, you can’t get more time.

  1.  Manage Your Emotions To Better Manage Time

We must not devote all of our time for social service or to help others.  We will be able to do after we make time for our work and skill development. We should start saying people “no” and save our time for our daily work. Researches has shown that, our mood drastically affect how much you accomplish.  Be human have nature, that we procrastinate the most when we are in a bad mood or think we can improve it with something fun. So procrastination is a mood management technique which depends on our work done. Ask yourself; are you afraid of your tasks? Why? You must not afraid of your task.  You should involve hopefully and will fully to complete your work daily.  Start changing your feelings and you will get more done.

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  1.  Important Things And Tasks Done Faster

We all usually know what is important to us, what is our first preference for the task.  But very often we do something else, something which is less important comparatively. You must do that thing which is urgent whether it is a big task. By doing so your moral will raise and your mood will be good. Initially it seems to be hard to do that thing, involve yourself with a focus, and your stress will go out.

  1.   Make A Full Focus On Your Effort Not On Outcome

This is really a big idea about productivity.  Understanding the thing what you have control over is critical. It is your choice.  You can’t control all the things, and if you can’t control something, then you should not worry about it. The things under our control are pursuit, opinion, aversion and desire. Stop worrying about all kind of stuff that you can’t do anything about.  These kinds of things wasted our energy and time.  The things outside your control can always influence the final result.  You can only control how much effort you have put to complete your task.

We are looking forward for your valuable comments.  Thanks for reading our blog. Have a great time.

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