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10 Reasons Why Adult Coloring Books Are So Popular

Coloring books are not just to keep the children busy, in the recent time coloring books are also meant for adults. The adult coloring book has therapeutic values attached with it. It delivers calmness of mind, and makes you feel well and happy. Nowadays, adult coloring books as well as apps are hugely popular. People suffering from stress, anxiety and sleepless nights get maximum relief after using adult coloring books or apps. These activities are exactly like Nirvana for the human soul. Among these coloring books or apps, the most popular and loved are the Mandalas. Mandalas are patterns that have symmetry and they basically originated in India. When we color these mandalas for a long period of time, we experience peace of mind and have a feeling like meditation. Different scientific studies have proven that coloring heals the mind.

Here are 10 reasons which will prove why coloring books are so important:

 Coloring Helps Us De-Stress

 The earliest scientist or psychologist who researched the therapeutic benefits of coloring was Carl Jung. He was extremely interested in Mandalas and he started to learn about them from the 1st half of 20th century. He prescribed Mandalas for his patients and saw it was extremely helpful for them. These calmed them down, and helped them get rid of stress.


Coloring Rejuvenates Both The Hemispheres Of The Brain

 Gloria Martinez Ayala, a psychologist says that coloring charges up the logical and creative sides of our brain. When our brain gets to pick up color for a particular pattern, the analytical part of our brain gets activated. In the same way, when our brain gets to play with colors like mixing and matching them, the creative part of our brain is activated. This accelerates both the hemispheres of our brain and lets it function normally.

It Helps Us Relive Our Childhood

 While you color the intricate parts of a mandala or a drawing, slowly you get transported to a world which was very familiar to you in your childhood. When you get to remember those happy days once again, you automatically feel happy and energetic.

 It’s A Kind Of Meditation

 Meditation is actually an art, which symbolizes doing nothing. It allows you to relax and close down all the chatters and noises in a restless mind. Most of the people find it very difficult to concentrate and meditate. But coloring is fun and easy, moreover, it allows you the same benefit as meditation does.  Coloring a pattern keeps your mind concentrated just like meditation does.

It Cuts Off Anxiety

Anxiety is a huge problem in case of adults. These anxieties and the panic attacks develop different issues like – thinking to die, worries, nausea, fever, headache, insomnia etc. Through these coloring books, the doctors help their patients to calm down and relax. Coloring  is now used as an initial aid for treating patients with mental disorders.

While Coloring You Re-Discover Yourself

 Life of an adult is extremely stressful, they need to manage home, job, friends and other aspects of life. These coloring books have the capability to help you get out of this monotonous life. When at the end of a busy day, you just relax and sit on your couch with your coloring book, you feel extremely relaxed and fine. You can download free coloring apps from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

 Coloring Is A Therapy

 The people who are fighting epilepsy, coloring is very helpful for them. There was a patient from Georgia named Cari Schofield, she was 38 years old and because of her epilepsy she had several problems to face and had certain limitations. After she started coloring, she found herself calming down  faster than before. Earlier she used to face  problem while holding the pen because her hand shook a lot. But with regular coloring she started enjoying different daily activities.

 Coloring Indulges Creativity

 Creativity is a thing which adults start loosing with age. People tend to be much more practical and mechanical. But while they indulge in activities like coloring, the creative side of their character blooms once again. As we grow up, our troublesome thoughts disturb us a lot. But adult coloring books or apps connect us to our childhood once again. We develop some positive and creative thoughts that de-stress us and make us feel better.

 It Lets The Child Within You Be Reborn

 Adults who are very much disturbed, need to find the child within them. As we grow, we have certain areas of life that we need to operate and work on. To recover from the daily hustle of life, we need to get back the child within us. It makes us much more positive and radiant in life.

 It Transports You To A Good Time Of Your Life

 At the end of a stressful day, when we sit with a coloring book to color, we actually feel less stressed and soon get transferred to another world of fantasy and imagination. The peaceful thoughts soon calm our mind down and help us to relax.

Coloring has a huge number of benefits apart than these. Coloring in adult coloring books or apps at a regular basis not only makes you stress-free, but also enhances your creativity.

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