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10 Apps College Students Shouldn’t Live Without

In recent times, students have come up with innovative ways to solve their problems through the use of mobile phones and a little bit of coding. Those who possess the skill of coding have created apps that can help college students solve different problems that they are facing on a day to day basis, such as creating citations for essays or even accessing proofreading services online.

With the technological advancements being made today, it only makes sense to look for ways to implement them in education. Apps do this well since they can be run on different platforms, be it Mac/PC or Windows/Android/iOS. Some even have web versions that can be run in any web browser!

In this article, we are going to consider 10 apps we think every college student should not go without:

  1. Any.do

We all know the importance of time management, especially for students. Without a conscious effort to manage your time, you may find yourself in a very disorganized state which will affect your studies.

Enter Any.do. This app helps students when it comes to organizing their tasks. Students are capable of creating to do lists and synchronizing them throughout their devices. You can add new entries thanks to the multi-touch based interface and you can use voice to create tasks. Another cool feature that the app has is you can shake your phone to delete all the completed tasks and you can change a task’s priority. It also has a widget that can be added to your home screen for easy access.

  1. Mailbox

In case you have one of those annoying email apps that lack the necessary features to arrange all your emails, then this is the app for you. Mailbox has the much-needed features to help in arranging your emails the way they ought to be arranged. If you want them sorted according to different subjects, you can do so by creating a folder for that particular subject.

Different commands will help in keeping inbox organized and archiving your read messages appropriately. You can also set a reminder and work on several emails concurrently. The app helps you stay current on all the emails you may receive at different times of the day.

  1. Dropbox

Everyone is afraid of losing their valuable documents, including college students who dread losing their coursework or their notes. Well, worry no more, Dropbox is here to help. You can upload your documents from any device and have them synced on multiple devices.

This can be done not only for school related work but also for photos and videos. All you need is an Internet connection to access your files from anywhere. You can not only store your files on Dropbox but also share them with friends and family.

  1. Feed.ly

Students normally have a hard time keeping up with the current news. This is as a result of juggling between classes, part-time job, assignments, and their social life.

Feed.ly solves this problem as it is an RSS app that lets you check the type of news you want to receive. You will receive a push notification (those distractions that appear on top of your screen) every time an event happens in relation to the niche you picked, be it politics, sport, or technology.

  1. Scribd

Scribd is an online library that helps you get all the material you need for your studies. The books are shared by people all over the world and they are plenty in numbers. You can create your own library and organize it however you want, be it according to topics, author, or era.

You can also share your library with your friends and find all the information that you will ever need on Scribd. No more going to the library, looking for space, and wondering who took that book that you needed so badly. And when you’ve gathered enough material for your essay or term paper, don’t forget to make use of the many proofreading services online.

  1. CliffNotes

This app is ideal for those of you that do literature and are required to write papers on characters and things that you read about. CliffNotes will provide you with the necessary information that you may need in regards to a character, a plot, a setting, or any other literature aspect that you may require for your essay.

There is an audio version that you may be interested in for those long walks or for getting ready for tests.

  1. Mathway

This has to be our favorite app! Mathway has stirred things up for students who are not so good when it comes to math. For those of you that have a hard time when it comes to solving mathematical problems, well, this is the answer that you have been looking for! All you have to do is download the app, open it, take a picture of the mathematical problem you are facing, and Mathway will solve it for you. On top of that, it will give a step by step approach on how it solved the problem.

The app is capable of solving algebraic, geometric, and any other mathematical problems that you may face. In case you don’t feel like taking a picture, you can also type in the problem and still get the same results.

  1. iTunes U

Have you ever dreamt of attending an Ivy League school or any top university in the world but you weren’t able to make the cut? Well, here is some good news for you, you now can thank iTunes U!

This app allows you to get all the reading materials from schools such as MIT, Oxford, Yale, or any other top university. All this is free and can be accessed through Apple devices. Simply download the app and start learning.

  1. EasyBib

Most students would agree that the hardest part when it comes to essay writing is writing of bibliographies and citations. With most of the writing college students engage in being academic, citations and references cannot be avoided. This is because you have to back what you write with evidence from credible sources, such as journals, scholarly articles, books, etc.

The EasyBib app looks to solve that problem. Through the app, you can create a list of citations by simply entering the title of the book and getting the citation in a matter of seconds.

  1. Studious

Are you the type to forget things very quickly, such as the time of a class, deadlines when it comes to assignments, a date and a time of your next test? Or you simply can’t keep up with all the changes that occur in your academic life?

The Studious app solves that problem by reminding you when these events occur. All you have to do is enter the details into the app, such as location, time, date, and the professor and you are all set. No more being caught off guard.


These have to be the 10 most needed apps for college students. These apps can assist you in organizing a variety of tasks. Mailbox for those of us that want an organized mailbox, Dropbox comes to the rescue when we want to keep our coursework and notes safe and accessible from anywhere, Feed.ly to keep us updated on the current news that we may be interested in, Scribd to save us from that dreadful walk to the library, Mathway for that math class that we wish we didn’t have to take. Without forgetting iTunes U that gives us sources from the top universities in the world. These apps can be helpful to any college student and they go a long way in making life just that much easier. Are there any other apps that you use? You may share information about them in the comment section below.

All the best in your studies!

Submitted By : – Lori Wade, is a freelance content writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from education and online marketing to entrepreneurship.

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